Meet Dr. J. Alex Bell, Jr.

A Love for Dentistry and My Patients

The people are the best part of being a dentist. I am always happy getting to know a new patient and their family. We have many fourth-generation families and patients who go back to 1954, when my father started our practice. Celebrating happy occasions, and comforting those who need comforting, are part of my life. It’s a pleasure to help people I care about to develop healthy mouths and smiles.

I am passionate about dentistry. It is a profession that combines many things that interest me: engineering and medicine, art and science. It challenges my creativity as well as my problem-solving skills, as each person has unique dental concerns and goals.

I joined the practice in 1982, as soon as I graduated from dental school. My days are spent doing something I love, and improving the lives of people who are important to me. I cannot imagine a more fulfilling profession.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Bachelors in Science, Georgia College
  • Masters in Science, Georgia College
  • Doctorate of Medical Dentistry, Medical College of Georgia

I have made a lifelong commitment to continuing dental education. With the constant developments in technology and new approaches to treatment, it’s essential I remain current. My patients rely on me to provide them with the highest level of care available; continuing education ensures I exceed their expectations.

Personal Life

I was born in Lower Alabama and moved to Warner Robins, GA, when I was six weeks old. Now I live in Centerville, with my wife and our three dogs and a Chihuahua. My wife says Daisy, the Chihuahua, does not think of herself as a dog, so we count her separately. Two of the dogs are Italian Waterdogs, famous for hunting truffles. Our dogs have yet to find truffles, but they keep digging for them!

I’m a private pilot, having soloed when I was 15. I have a 2008 Sport Cub, a modern-day version of a Piper Super Cub. I bought the plane from the original owner and flew it back, by myself, from Yakima, WA. The trip took about four days, flying around six hours a day. I recently expanded my passion for flight and started flying helicopters, attempting to prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks!