How to Properly Clean Your Invisalign® Trays

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Many people choose Invisalign trays over braces because they’re so clear, they’re hardly noticeable. However, improper cleaning technique can quickly lead to discoloration, odor and bacteria buildup, which is detrimental to your health and could prolong your treatment. Follow these tips to keep your Invisalign trays looking like new.

Store Them in Their Case

When you’re not wearing your trays, ensure they are safely tucked away in their case. Leaving them out in the open will not only make it more likely that you will misplace or lose them, but it will also lead to more bacteria buildup.

Always keep your Invisalign case with you in the event you need to remove the trays to eat or drink something besides water. If you do leave them out for a long period of time, rinse, soak and rinse them again before placing them back over your teeth.1

Clean Your Trays Each Morning

Trays need to be cleaned each morning for the same reason you brush your teeth. As you sleep, bacteria and plaque buildup on the surface of your tongue and teeth. Wearing trays does not prevent this, as bacteria also builds up in your trays. Start and end the day on the right foot by cleaning your trays and brushing your teeth.

Rinse After Each Removal

Rinse your trays each time you remove them to prevent buildup of dry saliva and plaque. You want to avoid creating an environment for bacteria to grow. Washing your trays with unscented, uncolored anti-bacterial soap and a soft-bristle toothbrush can also help remove some of the plaque. Make sure you keep this habit up even when you aren’t at home.

Soak Them Every Day

Soaking your trays in denture cleaner or Invisalign-brand cleaning crystals is another way to make sure your trays are as clean as possible. Once they’ve finished soaking after about 15 minutes, use a fresh soft-bristle toothbrush to brush off any plaque or food particles that remain. After brushing, rinse the trays before placing them back in your mouth.2,3

Don’t Eat or Drink With Your Trays In

This is the cardinal rule for keeping your Invisalign trays clean. Water is the only thing you can drink with your trays still in place. The trays are not made of material strong enough to withstand regular chewing. Eating with trays in also makes it easier for food to get stuck between your teeth and stain the trays.

Don’t forget that when you take your trays out to eat, you need to place them safely in their case.

Avoid Toothpaste and Colored or Scented Soaps

Using toothpaste and colored or scented soaps on your trays will damage and discolor them. Toothpaste creates a dull sheen on trays, which not only makes them more noticeable in your mouth, but also creates abrasions that encourage bacteria buildup.

Colored and scented soaps will also stain your trays and may leave behind an unpleasant taste when you place the trays back in your mouth.

Establish a Routine

The best way to ensure your trays stay clean and clear is to establish a cleaning routine. Humans are creatures of habit and are more prone to do things they are familiar with. During your treatment period, adopt a cleaning regime that meshes with your existing morning and evening routines to help it stick.

Each set of trays is worn for a relatively short amount of time – usually a few weeks – but in that time, improper care can cause a lot of damage to your teeth and prolong your treatment. Follow your orthodontist or dentist’s instructions and you’ll be done with treatment before you know it.

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